The Never-ending Downward Spiral of the Lance Armstrong Legacy

6 Feb

lance abstrong - Google SearchLance Armstrong continues to be the whipping boy of the world as his latest chastisement involves being sued… by just about anyone. SCA Promotions is looking for endorsement bonuses back and two assclowns from California are suing on behalf of readers everywhere, claiming Lance committed fraud over book fabrications. It seems like everyone these days is taking turns kicking the dead dog in the yellow jersey. The guy sat on his nutsack for half of his waking hours in life, lost a testicle to Cancer because of it, and has been stripped of every award that meant anything to him…can we give this guy a break already?

The Lance Amrstrong legacy began when he took the sport of cycling from zero to…noticeable in America when he started beating foreign ass all over Europe in ‘99. He dominated for 7 straight years, sprouting a following of tight spandex wearing exercise enthusiasts who’s complete disregard for common courtesy annoys car drivers everywhere. He battled and beat Cancer, motivating countless people to fight just as he did. He raised millions of dollars for Cancer research and devoted his life to bring awareness to the world and to beat Cancer once and for all. You can take all the awards away from the guy that you want, but you can’t go back in time and unmotivate people or refute all the good he has done for society. I’ m not saying he did all this unselfishly; he’s a millionaire because of all of his triumphs. But there is no one else in sports that has done more good with his money than Lance. If I cared even a little about cycling, he would still be my hero after all of this.

It is true that he lied under oath and took performance-enhancing drugs to beat the competition, and now he is a criminal. Fine. Now the next step is to spend millions of dollars prosecuting him so he can be put on house arrest for a month and Skype with Barry Bonds? Super. That is exactly where I want my tax dollars to go. Everyone in that sport took drugs, Lance just did it the best. Why is he getting stripped of everything in life while others point and wag their fingers? He is unfairly taking the fall for being the poster boy of steroids in cycling. In epic fashion, South Park brings this point home better than I can in 400 words, so be sure to catch the episode A Scause for Applause.

Even with all of society pounding down on him and all his ‘friends’ leaving him high and dry, Lance has stayed classy during the whole ordeal. He stepped down from his role on the board of Livestrong to distance his own tarnished image. Noble. He had a chance to get a smaller sentence on his lifetime ban from cycling if he gave up names of accomplices, but he refused to thrown anyone under the bus. That’s gangsta shit right there!

Lance took steroids to beat his competition and stay in the limelight, which will inevitably take years off of his life. That is the risk he chose to take and what he will ultimately have to live with until he goes Kirk Cobain on himself to get away from the media migraine he will deal with in the next decade. He did too much good in his life to be stomped on by society like this. Let him ride into the sunset with some dignity.

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