Friends Growing Up

4 Mar

Motivator_ Create your own motivational posters!My friends are growing up so fast these days. Well, we are in our thirties, but we still act like kids. You ever have friends that you think (and hope) will never grow up? I have two good buddies from college who fit this mould, who shall go nameless, but they know who they are. Very recently they both broke my heart when they chose to be responsible over having a good time. I’m proud of their responsible actions and our friendship will not suffer over it, but the selfish side of me doesn’t want them to grow up as I watch that free spirit slowly drift away…unlike their farts that used to linger and clear a room.

I see it in the movies all the time. Guys blowing off responsibilities to go have a wild weekend just like the good old days. They make it look so easy! I guess I fell for the movie clichés and expected it to be that easy for my crew. Unfortunately real life isn’t that simple. I don’t want to say that I’m disappointed; I was just caught off guard is all. It’s not fair for me to selfishly want these guys to drop what they are doing to hang out, but it didn’t take this much effort in the past. I understand you guys are planning for your future. Go ahead and cancel a weekend visit to go on an impromptu business meeting to land a client. Be my guest and miss the annual ‘man trip’ because you have to prepare for an exam that will lead to a promotion. I will miss you, but it will make the next time we hang out even sweeter.

Right in time to take me out of this funk, ESPN featured a group of ten friends who stay in touch with a month-long game of tag. I’m disappointed that my group of college buddies didn’t latch onto a game like this. Instead we devoted our time to drinking heavily, which created a lot of great memories, but no sustainable game to play as we age. I went day drinking the other day, trying to relive the glory days of college, which resulted in 14 hours of sleep and two full days to recover. I’m over it. My friends and I are growing up, but I need a new game to keep that young buck inside me alive. I’m open to suggestions and I want to be the guys on ESPN in 10 years.

So what is your game of tag with your friends?

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