Coach Creepy for Blue Bell Ice Cream

29 Jan


As I pass by the frozen food section of the grocery store yesterday, I ran across this box of Blue Bell Fudge Bars that stopped me dead in my tracks. There are so many things wrong with this terrible example of advertising that I have no idea where to start. I guess I’ll start with my first impression: creepy… which is the worst possible reaction for the sale of a child’s product. I stared deep into the coach’s ‘step into my van’ eyes and wonder how many people in the Blue Bell marketing department should be fired.

Coach Creepy is sporting stereotypical football coach gear, however, the age group he coaches is non-existent. I’ve never seen a Pop Warner or high school coach sophisticated enough to wear a headset, nor have I ever seen a college coach be unrecognizable without a giant hat that declares, “Respect my authority.”  From that I conclude that Coach Creepy is not a coach at all, perhaps in denial that he no longer has a job after he failed to put in Uncle Rico and lost the state championship for Preston. He now travels aimlessly in his ice cream truck until one day he stumbled across a photo shoot that would change his life forever.

Blue Bell Ice Cream has a rich history of making ice cream in Texas for over 100 years, but I highly doubt this is the type of advertising that is going to keep them running another century. 40 years ago, this piece of advertising wouldn’t be creepy as the sexuality of coaches, priests, and Boy Scout troop leaders had yet to be questioned. However, in 2013, I would not allow any child within 100 yards of this guy, and I am sure as Hell not buying a fudge bar from a company that is subliminally enticing children to take tasty treats from Coach Creepy.

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