About Dutch

PearBorn and raised in the farmland of central California, I traded in my shovel for a rifle when I turned 18. The old adage goes ‘once a Marine, always a Marine’; it may be cliché, but it is spot on. I cherish the experience I gained from the Marine Corps as it has made me the man I am today. Although the hardcore side of my demeanor has softened in the civilian world, my self-discipline and high moral standards are the staples of my character. This blog will exploit some of the wrong turns our society has taken and shine some light on how we can all be better human beings. If you agree or disagree with my statements, open up discussions in the reply box under my posts. Thanks for visiting!

Dutch Timeline of Awesomeness

2000: Graduate High School

2001-2006: Marine Corps Reserves

2002-2005: College in San Luis Obispo

2006-2008: Poker dealer. Earned the name Dutch from winning a drinking competition in Amsterdam back in ’07

2008: Las Vegas to play poker for a living

2009-2011: Profession career in Santa Barbara

2011-2012: Austin Texas. Acquired wife

2013: 2 dogs added to the team

2014: New baby girl and house

2015: Going soft with Dutchdaddy.com

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