5 Common Courtesy Failures

25 Feb

clogging left lane - Google Search-1Yesterday I was waiting in line to purchase some sporting goods at Academy, and as a common courtesy to everyone behind me, I pulled out my gift card and credit card to move through the checkout process as quick as possible. An older good ol’ boy, maybe in his 50’s, stood in line behind me and recognized this act, rewarding my common courtesy by saying “helping speed up the process I see..I like your style.” It was the first time I have ever been acknowledged for doing something I practice on a daily basis, and I felt proud. However, I was also sad at the notion that common courtesy has diminished in society to the point that I am getting noticed and applauded. Here are 5 common courtesy failures I see on a regular basis that drive me crazy:

  • Blocking foot traffic in a crowded place
    • Don’t stand in a doorway or block access to one. Don’t shop in the grocery store like you are the only shopping cart in the place. Don’t talk to your friend in the middle of a hallway. If you have just one person that can’t get by you without touching you or saying ‘excuse me’, it’s time to move your conversation elsewhere.
  • Driving under the speed limit on the highway in the left lane
    • I don’t care if you drive 50MPH on the freeway, just do it in the right lane.
  • People being late
    • If you and your friends decide on meeting somewhere at a designated time, be there! It is not hard to be on time. If I don’t show up somewhere 5 minutes early, I consider myself late and call ahead. I am so tired of people taking this for granted. If that were a work environment, I would fire them.
  • Not turning right on a red light in the right lane
    • If I get in the right lane and don’t turn right at a red light and am preventing the guy behind me from doing so, I hate myself and sometimes give in and turn right. It’s just the way that I am wired and conditioned.
  • Littering
    • It’s 2013. There is a trashcan within no more than 100 feet of everywhere you stand on Earth. Stop being lazy and hold onto your trash until you find it.

Kids up to the age of 5 or so walk around like they own the world with reckless abandonment. Unfortunately some people never grow out of it. I can understand children, the elderly, and the handicap making these mistakes; they get a free pass in applicable situations. I can even forgive those that make stupid mistakes and learn from it. However, I cannot stand people with complete disregard for the consideration of others.  Don’t be that guy. If you or anyone you know is guilty of aforementioned common courtesy failures, it is not to late. It is not hard to take into consideration that other people might be in a hurry, even when you aren’t. A little common courtesy goes a long way.

6 thoughts on “5 Common Courtesy Failures

  1. What’s up Dutch? Long time listener, first time caller. I thought I would chime in on a couple of things you accidentally forgot.

    1) The douchebag on the crowded escalator that is standing on the left side blocking those who want to walk down the escalator more quickly.
    – This one is easy, the right side is for your fat, lazy ass to stand. The left side is for people who are in a hurry to more quickly get to where they need to go. Sure it’s a matter of 15 or 20 seconds. But unlike you, for some people time is money. I don’t care if you’re not familiar with the process, or if you have your headphones in and are listening to the latest Justin Beiber song. And I certainly don’t care if you are just some teenage douchenozzle being defiant against “the maynnnnn”. If others are walking on the left, you either walk, or move over to the right.

    2) The driver in the parking lot who swoops in to take the spot you’ve been patiently waiting for.
    – You know how this goes. You’re in a crowded parking lot at IKEA on a Saturday out with the Misses. You’re driving down the row and you see someone getting in their car. So you put your turn signal on and wait patiently for them to pull out. As they are doing so, a car coming up the row from the other direction moves in for the kill and steals your spot. It is for this reason, I know why strict gun laws prevent me from carrying a weapon in the car.

    3) The friend who gladly participates in the round of drinks at the bar, but never reciprocates.
    – You know who you are Mr. I-am-a-shitty-moocher-friend. You willingly accept a drink from your buddy as he’s buying a round at the bar, but never buy a round yourself. Karma is a bitch, and it has your name on its name tag.

    • Rusty, three excellent additions to topic, all of which you are correct sir! The parking lot swoop is such a headache that I just park in the boonies and walk it out to avoid it all together. Also, we all have friends that do that, but I would gladdly buy you a beer anytime sir! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I once heard a wise young man (it was you, actually) coin the term “Angle-Walker”. This was in reference to able-bodied pedestrians in parking lots who choose to leisurely stroll the shortest distance for them in the in front of your waiting car, even if it means making you wait longer because they are creating a sharp angle from store front to parking row D. The angle walkers are never sprinters. And if they take the time to see that you’re waiting, they only seem to stroll more slowly. What did we do to deserve this short but annoying delay??? Perpendicular-Walkers, unite!

    • Although I don’t remember coining the term Angle-Walker, I will accept full credit for it. These people are a menus. I think all of them need to be hit by a car just once to learn a lesson. Not enough to hurt them, just to scare them enough to not do anymore. Thanks for the post Brandi!

  3. How ’bout the janks who stop at stop signs/red lights *on top of* the cross walk? If you ever ride your bike to a significant degree, you know of these considerate flanks who believe that cars are the only means of transport moseying about.

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